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Strengthen your roots

THE Foundational Steps

Accept Christ

1. Accept Christ

By acknowledging Jesus' sacrifice and inviting Him into your heart, you begin a transformative journey of faith, forgiveness, and eternal life.

Accepting Christ is the foundation of a meaningful relationship with God, guiding you to live in His love and purpose.

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2. Get Baptised

Baptism is a powerful declaration of faith and obedience to Christ. It symbolizes the believer's cleansing from sin, rebirth in Jesus, and commitment to follow Him. Through baptism, we publicly profess our faith and join the community of believers, celebrating the new life we have in Christ.

Professor & Students


Our New Believers Class is designed to help you lay a strong foundation in your faith journey. This class offers essential teachings, a supportive community, and practical guidance.

Learn how to pray, read and understand the Bible, and gain assurance of your salvation. We also cover the significance of communion and the basics of living a committed Christian life.

Join us to grow in your relationship with Christ and connect with others on the same path.


4. join a church community

Joining the church is a meaningful step in your faith journey. It signifies your commitment to a community of believers where you can grow spiritually, serve others, and deepen your relationship with God. Become a part of our church family and experience the support, fellowship, and shared mission that comes with being connected to a body of Christ.

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