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Youth Ministry

Growing in Faith, Building Friendships, Having Fun

Grades 6 - 12

Fearless Youth

Inspiring the Next Generation

Join us for fun, fellowship, and growing in faith. We explore important topics like:


  • What it means to be fearless

  • Putting on the armor of God

  • Standing firm on the Word

  • Being a light and hope to others


We aim to help you find your true identity in Christ and experience God’s love. You have a unique purpose, and we want to help you discover it. During our monthly group meetings, we have support each other, have fun, and grow together. 


We also have other special events throughout the year, including:

  • Summer Camp

  • Youth Conferences

  • Missions Trips

  • Holiday Performances

  • Fine Arts Competition


A few times a year, we participate in a special time we call "Family Service." During this service, our youth has a chance to lead by performing skits, singing, teaching object lessons, greeting people, and helping with audio/visual tasks.


Join us and be part of an exciting group that supports your growth, purpose, and fearless faith!

Rachel Roar and Family

Rachel roar

Children's Ministry Leader

Rachel is the dedicated and passionate leader of our Kid's Ministry at New Faith Church. With a heart for nurturing young faith, she brings creativity, enthusiasm, and a deep love for children to her role. Rachel is the proud mother of two teenage girls, which gives her a unique perspective and understanding of the joys and challenges of parenting.


Under Rachel’s guidance, our Kid's Ministry is flourishing and spiritually enriching our young members. Her commitment to creating a safe and welcoming space for children to learn about God's love is evident in every aspect of her work.


Rachel’s leadership has made a lasting impact on our church, and we are blessed to have her guiding the spiritual growth of our youngest members.

Contact Rachel

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