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Financial Accountability

Financial Accountability Statement

At New Faith Church, we are committed to financial integrity and transparency. We ensure that all donations are used wisely to support our mission and serve our community.

Our Practices

  1. Open Records: Financial reports are available to our members and presented annually.

  2. Annual Audit: An independent firm audits our finances annually to ensure accuracy.

  3. Budgeting: Our Church Council carefully plans and approves our budget, which is then shared with the congregation.

  4. Internal Controls: To prevent misuse of funds, we have safeguards in place, such as dual signatures on checks, regular bank statement reviews, and separation of duties.

  5. Fund Allocation: Donations support worship, missions, outreach, and maintenance.


How to Give

  • Online Giving: Through our website

  • In-Person: During services

  • Mail: Send checks to our office

  • Planned Giving: Include the church in your estate planning


Financial Updates

  • Monthly and Quarterly Reports: Available upon request

  • Annual Report: Detailed financial overview presented yearly


Contact Us

If you have questions or need more information, please get in touch with our Church Office.


Thank you for your generous support.

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