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BGMC Sunday

Support the Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

The 2nd Sunday of Each Month

BGMC Sunday

Join Us and Make a Difference!

BGMC Sunday (the second Sunday of each month) is more than just another offering; it's an opportunity for our entire congregation to unite in support of global missions. By contributing your spare change or small offerings, you help teach our children the value of giving and support essential missionary work around the world.

Be part of something bigger. Bring your change and join us on the second Sunday of each month. Together, we can make a big impact!

What is BGMC?

Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge (BGMC) is a vital program within the Assemblies of God that teaches kids about missions and the importance of giving to those in need around the world. Through BGMC, we equip children with a heart for compassion and a desire to spread God's love globally.

How Can You Participate?

On BGMC Sunday, we encourage everyone to bring in extra change or small offerings. These contributions support various missionary projects, including providing supplies, literature, and resources for children and families in need.

Our kids play an active role in this event by helping to collect the offerings during the service. This not only empowers them to participate in missions work but also helps them understand the impact of generosity and giving.

Goals of BGMC

  • Educate: Teach children about different cultures and the work of missionaries around the world.

  • Inspire: Foster a spirit of compassion and generosity in young hearts.

  • Support: Provide necessary resources to missionaries and those they serve, making a tangible difference in lives worldwide.

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