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We love getting together in with one another and celebrating. Check out our events calendar below and let us know if we can count you in! We're keeping our distance, but offer support both in person, through YouTube, & Zoom.

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miracle prayer

& worship


New Date

Feb 5, 6pm


Do you need healing

in your

mental, physical, emotional, financial, relational, or marriage life?


Our Miracle Prayer & Worship Night is time

to give those issues to God.


We will spend time in God’s presence with a focus on praying for His healing power.

The service will flow

between worship & prayer.



we are believing

for something NEW

in each of our lives.

We have been spending time fasting & praying.

Let's pray bonds are broken

& healings take place.

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21 Days of

prayer & fasting

Sun, Jan 8

through Sat, Jan 28

Each year, we set aside time in January to seek God in our lives, expecting Him to do amazing things in and through us.

Would you consider joining us for this fast?

There are many ways to fast,

from a complete fast with just water, to a partial-day fast, to giving up something that may be taking priority in our lives such as social media, caffeine, or other things.

During this time,

we ask you to consider joining us with daily devotions on Prayer & Fasting, written by

Jentezen Franklin.

They are linked here.

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5th Sunday family service

& potluck lunch

Sun, Jan 29

Potluck after Service


We had so much fun last time, we are trying

Family Service



The children will greet

& help lead worship.

Nursery & Pre-schoolers

will go to their regular classes.


1st graders & above will be in the main service,

so expect an interactive game, message & service.

We will be celebrate

with a 5th Sunday Potluck lunch.

(Yes, the fast

will be over by then!)


Please sign up to let us know you can join us.


Resumes June

9:15 am



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