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We love getting together in with one another and celebrating. Check out our events calendar below and let us know if we can count you in! We're keeping our distance, but offer support both in person, through YouTube, & Zoom.

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NF Sisterhood

bible study

Begins Thurs,

Sept 14



The book of Ruth talks about faith, love and redemption.


Ruth shows great strength during her journey, inspiring all whom she encountered. We will dive into Ruth, focusing on the different aspects of Ruth’s strength, both physical and spiritual.


We will look at her commitment, determination, loyalty, and unwavering faith in God with the hope of applying those features to our daily lives.


Starts Thurs, Sept 14th, 6:45pm & lasts for 7 weeks. Sign up on the sheet in the lobby!


NO homework or books, just time together

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Children & Youth

special week:

wonderfully made

4th Sunday

Sept 24


God designed

each one of us uniquely.

He said it is good!

We are created in

HIS image.

Our culture sends

many confusing messages.

What does GOD say

about you?

We will have some time

together as one group,

but also break off into

smaller groups

based on age-level.

This is a good day

to bring a friend!

This happens

in the KidMin room

during the regular

10:30 service.

Share the Love 2023-08-24 123513.png

share the love


Sat, Aug 19

10:00 - 11:30am


Did you know that there are residents

right across the street

that do not have anyone that ever visits them?


What are we doing about that?

That's where you &

Share the Love

ministry comes in.

We intend to visit those residents.

Make a connection.

Share some love.

Want to be part of this important ministry?

Show up about 9:55am

Sat, Aug 19th

& park at church.

Then walk over to meet the group at Altercare at 10am.

Children & youth are welcome & encouraged to come!


9:15 AM



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